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Case Studies

At Moodio we don't believe in portfolios.

The work we create isn't ours, it belongs to the clients with whom we work hand in hand. We will never share who we work with, and we find that creating portfolios and claiming all the work to be our own both undervalues the hard work put in by our clients and de-emphasize the dedication and input we expect from all future clients. (Plus, we’re under some pretty strict NDAs most of the time!)

What we do is work with our clients to give them a head start. We not only build their MVPs but help them expand their own in-house capability and understanding of how build a successful lean start-up.

What we do share is a list of case studies on how we worked with clients to implement innovative solutions to their problems.

(P.s. We never, ever share our client list or name specific projects we've worked on, referencing them only by our own internal project code names, however if you are interested in seeing some of our work take a look at our GitHub page instead, which is filled with some of the open source projects we’ve created).


The Bit Trader

Client Location London, United Kingdom
Pain Point Client had large investments in cryptocurrencies and wanted to better utilise them via algorithmic trading.

Studying the cryptocurrencies market, we found the lack of market data and their unpredictability made the successfully application of traditional algorithmic trading models to be too unpredictable and create too high a risk profile.

Instead we recommended and successfully implemented a solution based on arbitrage trading (i.e. the difference in price of the same asset among different exchanges) that was better able to utilise existing cryptocurrency investments while drastically limiting any risks or the requirement to transfer FIAT currencies between different exchanges after the initial setup.

The solution helped our client continue to benefit from their cryptocurrency investments, even during market downturns.

The Shipment Tracker

Client Location Malta
Pain Point A small shipping and logistics company needed to provide their customers with shipment tracking and an improved customer experience.

Studying the existing solutions on the market and services offered by its competitors and taking into account the companies limited human resource capacities we knew that the solution had to be automated, timely and accurate.

We recommended and implemented a solution that connected to live ship and vehicle tracking APIs that could give customers live updates on the precise location of their containers and packages via an easy to navigate online portal, accessible at any time of day.

Additionally, shipments could be grouped together to each in their tracking and the amount of input required by the company’s own staff, requiring very little additional training of change management, creating a completely automated and up to date tracking system with no additional human resource requirements.

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